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8builders8tools, or "8b8t" for short is a clone of the famous 2b2t anarchy server. 8b8t, like 2b2t, has no rules, no staff, and no chat filters. The world size is quite small compared to 2b2t at around +3GB. 8b8t as a company is planning to host servers for the 4.0 version of a game known as Unturned.

There are many servers based off of 2b2t with each one often going with the #b#t formula (ie. 4b4t). Most of these servers came up after TheCampingRusher uploaded his infamous video, with the exception of Constantiam and 3b3t. The server 3b3t was actually a temp map for 2b2t during the early weeks of 2015. Temporary maps are launched while the main server is unavailable for various reasons as well as during April fools events.

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