Imperio Topo

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The Imperio Topo (or "Mole Empire" in English) was a failed Spanish faction formed in the Summer of 2019, and was founded by T_850 (A.K.A. Proteus Loken) and TheSilverman (A.K.A. Manoloman). Later, players known as SomeOrdinaryGuy (A.K.A. FnF), Brisngr82 and Garoxd joined them.

The Empire's origins come from the appearance of TheSilverman in the server. After some gameplay and exploration, he decided to invite people from a Discord server he was in. First Brisngr82 and Garoxd played with him, trying to make the faction, but TheSilverman fled when the two started commanding on him. He later started playing with T_850, and they began the construction of the first base of the Imperio Topo.

Some time later, Brisngr82 and Garoxd faction united to the Mole Empire. Finally, SomeOrdinaryGuy joined the faction.

The first base was prosper, but a little too near the spawn, so it wouldn't take time until someone discovered the base. That someone was AnakinSkywalker. He was killed on sight, but the fact that someone had discovered the base caused hysteria. The next day, The March of the Moles started, their process of finding a new location and building a new base there.

Everyone (except TheSilverman because he was tired of playing) worked until the new base was created. When Silverman returned to the server, he had to make the trip to the new base. A few days after the arrival of Silverman to the new base, ElDano03, a Discord server admin, created another Minecraft server, which caused most of the Empire's members to leave 8b8t. It wasn't since the 28th of September, 2019 that TheSilverman would come back and start a reformation, forming the Anarcho-Capitalist Mole Syndicate.